I used to stay up most nights before bed and wonder why I liked you so much. I thought maybe it was your looks. But I’m not vain. I don’t fill myself with preconceived notions that beauty will lead to prosperity, although attraction is vital. Oh how there was one, ultimately. However, beauty has the potential to dissipate.  I was aware of this even though my veins are not wired to follow egoistic values. What was previously a foggy skeptic’s idea became a belief.

I remember convincing myself that we had met in our previous lives. I remember thinking that I remembered you from one of them or all of them. That this inability to move forward was because ours was a connection built from the root of our souls to the soles of our feet. There was a way you looked at me the first day we saw each other… with recognition toward something you couldn’t explain. Maybe you mistook it for mere attraction too. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; yours doesn’t remember me and mine can’t forget you.


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