February 27, 2017

I used to wonder what it would be like to feel a smile. Have you ever felt a smile? There is no actual physical interchanging of cells. There is no light brushing of the skin but somehow you still get the prickle on your arms and each individual hair rises simultaneously. Your heart mimics the beat of an African drum and you’d swear they could see the imprint forming with each melodic “thump” on your chest. That’s the transient effect, anyhow.

Have you ever truly felt it, though? A smile that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t forget? You fall asleep to it. Morning comes and you wake up with a replica of it resting comfortably on your own face. A smile that would taste like red wine or white wine if you prefer. It warms your chest in increments and then, your entire body all at once. It never truly is enough. Then again, somehow it is. I never want to have to wonder again.


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