Underground Babylon

The broken are our saviors,
through our hearts they’re meant to save us
They’ve built an empire
through the cracks that we ignore

In this life, we live through battles
but the one that matters is the great war
When paper and power are devoured,
we will think not of the leaders

Instead, those who bestowed the earth
from down below; filled the pavement
with the trickles of their sweats
Kneeling. Jaw to shoulder to elbow

Scathing the ground, and tainting its tar
Obscuring decades of discarded cigars,
tasteless gum, dirty streets, old sheets
with flowing colors of scarlet

When the end is near, there is no saying when
They have seen darkness over and over again
Those standing above, have turned away
over and over and over again

Some have been illuminated,
witnessing darkness only within
Like a cave, it’s difficult to perceive
where that hole begins

Who will ignite their light then?



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