Bucket List|2017

So, I’ve realized recently that I have been careless with this blog. I intended for this to solely be a writing blog. As a way to document my thoughts, write about my life, and have others relate to my stories. However, I’m stubborn. Very very stubborn. I don’t write unless I can characterize the situation perfectly. I’m not going to stray away from what I initially planned but I just want to let myself have fun with it. I figured that if I just let myself have fun with it the creative juices will eventually flow naturally.

Now, that’s where I got the idea to post my bucket list. A few years ago, I scribbled a list of about 150 things I would like to do in my life. I found that list a couple days ago. I’m going to post them every few days or so. Hopefully this gives people a few ideas as well 🙂

Here are three:

  1. Camping with someone I care about: I went camping with my school when I was 14 and it was such an amazing experience! We’d been surrounded by solitary darkness, the only thing that lit our faces was the crackling campfire that seeped into the night. Students and teachers alike were transformed into silhouettes. We were just people…being. No one was different than the other. We all felt peace, calm, and general acceptance. There was a general simplicity in the emotions and the scenery. It was amazing. I’d love to relive the experience with someone whose presence I enjoy.
  2. Join a yoga class: I used to have really low self esteem which led to me developing terrible posture. So that’s pretty self explanatory. Plus, yoga looks awesome and, from what I’ve learned, helps develop strength and resistance.
  3. Fill up an entire journal: I don’t know if it’s just me but I could never fill up an entire journal. I always lose it or end up buying one that looks “cooler.” I have tons of half empty books from when I was younger. For once, I’d like to fill commit to filling one up entirely.



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