Now you’re just going to turn into a page in one of my many stories. I was so desperately trying to avoid that. So desperately trying to make myself believe that if I waited long enough you might “notice me.” As an interesting character, with depth, and a hidden cave of thoughts and ideas and promises. Instead, to you, I was 110 pounds of flesh compounded to form a decent looking mass. With a hip to waist ratio mimicking an hourglass, distinguished facial features and a nice round…  How naive of me. You would think I would have learned by now. “A woman should have enough pride to not need reassurances from a man.” That’s what people have always told me anyhow. But I liked your mind and I figured if I stood aside long enough you’d realize your thoughts matched up with mine. However, that doesn’t count for much it seems. And it’s not your fault that I let you become a distraction. Under what jurisdiction, honestly? I had no right. I barely knew you.. I mean, I barely know you enough to let you become a distraction. I don’t get attached to people, let alone let them have a hold on me enough to cause me  as much emotional instability needed to stray away from my priorities. So, you did nothing wrong. I did. But God. I had to break the nonexistent ties for me.


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