A Daily Reminder

It’s dangerous to live your days immersed in daydreams. Next thing you know, a week passes by, then a month, then a year. Sooner or later, you’re sixty years old and your daydreams will have ceased to be. You will find yourself reflecting on what could have been if you had burst that secluded bubble and manifested them instead. Hours aren’t hours anymore and the minutes won’t matter. All that would matter is the stories you could have told. The wisdom and knowledge you could have attained beyond your constrictions are no longer attainable. These abilities will fade away and so will you. Time does not age but you do. It will show in your crumbling bones, your weak knees, and drooping face. It will show in your inability to recall yesterday. What name do you want to leave behind when all of this is over? “The Dreamer”? or “The Creator”? The innovator. The motivator. The inspirational. You do not have to change lives. It only takes one.


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