A Modern Tale

Your amber fire may not always
burn in unison with another
Yours is that of unexplored forests
a driven conspicuous anomaly
Surpassing orange cherry hues,
You echo a deep blue,
a vast unexplored ocean
and he has only managed to
delve into; only five percent of you
How unfair and
Oh so? Cruel.
Smothering inner misconceptions
of astrological conspiracies
Comparing universal impediments
with the human body’s underlying qualities
What is the purpose of falling
into the blissful abyss of the unknown; man?
Mirrors reflected toward the other,
revealing controversial whims
and fear, fear,
having to adhere to
the dormant conscious of mind
whose thoughts, do not easily transpire
Materializing only through transcriptions of
modern hieroglyphics,
and a taste for wanting to inspire,
you. An inconclusive human fault,
pining over the sentimental aloof
One who refuses to navigate through
the intricate roads that connect to
your empyrean self
as you linger, inquiring within
the lost broken parts of ember
in the oceanic depths
of your private psyche
waiting to ignite, you, I; We.


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