March 3, 2016

This is an excerpt I wrote while in an emotionally abusive relationship, as I reflect back, I realized that I was being manipulated into believing that I had to suit his standards in order to feel worthy. I do not condone abusive relationships wherein one human being is required to put all of their beliefs, their interests, and their individuality aside in order to conform to that of your mate’s.  This is an emotional manipulative abuse tactic. If your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse shows signs of manipulative tendencies know that you are NOT going crazy. Please, get out. Refrain from the extremely romanticized idealization that we must put our significant other above ourselves. Love is a compromise, it is not a right. You should never feel forced to do anything or change anything that strips you away from what molds you as an individual. This frame of thought is glorified far too often.


“I always believed that I was incapable of letting people go in a relationship because I don’t know how to be in one. But my years alone proved that wrong. I am fully functional as an individual. I just love to love. I love love. I love to embody another. I love immersing myself in another so much so that we dissolve into each other. We become each other. We become one. And when you become one, you often lose your sense of being. It’s a sickness. To divulge in love, and make it if it means making it everything you are.”


5 thoughts on “March 3, 2016

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s a very complicated situation to get out of. Especially due to the fact that it is, far too often, ignored because there is no evidence of physical harm. I hope that this resonates with others as well as it did with you. ❤

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      1. Just know by you being here another day, makes you that much stronger than anyone who tries to break you down. That can be applied to more than just personal relationships. I have had depression, anxiety, and it takes a significant amount of will power to overcome them. I am doing well now, it does take a lot of healing but I’m here, healthy, with a positive outlook on life. I hope that you are doing well as well. Much love and light to you .

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