Whoever You Are

I spoke of someone like you
and tasted sweetness, cheap thrills,
bitter symphonies
all on the surface, on my tongue.
I enfolded lullabies of our future
into the nest of our potential.
Sang the songs of birds,
as if we were canaries
channeling our inner children;
a natural instinct.
We eloped into the skies of our love,
immersed ourselves within a flock
of soaring, ivory doves
until we transformed into all pure.
Sped among seas, rivers, lakes, oceans
one day we, finally, landed ashore.
The withering nakedness of our consciousness,
Finally becoming apparent
I saw you, you saw I
as in the first day of humanity
yet neither ashamed,
both jointly transparent.
So I smiled for the first time
and you kissed me for the first time
young and sweetly;
I dipped and kissed and lived,
all while submerged by our clouds,
I did it all; I did it indiscreetly.


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