Words from the Incredulous Poet

Compilation of advice from an old friend:

  1. Do not let your cynical thoughts get the best of you as to prevent you from polishing your true gift; parents or any other naysayers. If this is what you are good at, perfect it. In fact, write a list of things that you love and figure out ways on how to make business moves out of them.
  2. In reality, nothing happens overnight but if you do what you love you won’t notice that you made it. Do not let your gift go to waste, it is beautiful and a perfect stress reliever and everything.
  3. You are in the now, the present, worry about that later. If that [writing] is what makes you happy then work on it. If that is what you planned on then follow your gut, it never lies.
  4. We are gifted with many attributes; it is all trial and error but one thing you will benefit out of all the trials is the ability to be an expert in many skills.
  5. You already know how to attract people even when you do not want to. It is just a gift; especially with what you are going through now.
  6. Encase those emotions in that ink and paper.
  7. You attract the energy you give off.  You give off energy whether you know it or not which attracts the similar type of people you meet in life.
  8. Stop relying on men for comfortable stability of sorts. Change your idealism and new people will come your way.
  9. Patience is key and virtue. Work on what you have now, work on yourself. Love thyself through activities that make your soul burn and as that happens, you will meet many others. Here’s the thing, you will meet people who are soulmates and you will meet people who are the one. Your spirit can be an old one, fresh one but from your experience you have been on this earth for a minute. Like magnetism, you attract the souls that have been around you since day one. Soulmates are the people that you automatically click with. As if you knew them your whole life, as if you were with them forever. But in reality, they are just a lesson you have not learned yet. So you can build your tolerance as you go through your life to meet the one. But the thing about the one is, there is not just one. As there are many parallel universes, you have many outcomes with different people. In reality, it is up to you to make these choices and it is literally your choice on who you want the one to be because the one is any and everyone.
  10. Remember this, you have 3 faces: The one you show to your friends. The one you show your family. The one when you are all alone. Do not let people fool you, many can see past all the faces but it takes one to understand them.
  11. You will be blooming in no time. Hydrate the minds of others and you will never know, you will be spreading seeds around the globe. Before you know it, your followers will grow into beautiful flowers too, creating wonderful people who want to share and do the same things as you. A garden of flowers. Spread thy seed of knowledge and wisdom, my child. All it takes is a ripple effect, my friend, one drop of positivism, thus the waves will spread across. Remember to always pass on this torch whenever it gets dark for someone because all it takes is that one drop, that one spark, that one mic.
  12. This year is about you and your rise, your evolution, your art being shown and motivating others to break out of that shell and telling them it is alright to go through these experiences. You have this power, this gift. Now use it, young padawan.
  13. Make not only your wishes reachable but set the bar up for others as well. So they too can have their wishes granted.
  14. What you need to do is look in the mirror every day. Tell yourself you are someone, you will be someone.  We obviously are not perfect but you also have to understand, even though you are loved by many with that Godly ability known as, the gift of gab, you have to understand there will always be many puzzles and locks you cannot solve.  You have to leave before it makes you worse. It is a mental switch. Stop helping others unless they ask to be. Even if you do, you just cannot condition them in your ways. Just show them the door. That’s it.
  15. You want what you cannot have. Start getting what you can. I am not saying settle for less but stop getting into toxic situations and toxic relations. If it is not good for your health, cut it off. The beauty about beauty is not always about being beautiful. Do not find beauty in broken things. Look elsewhere. Open your horizons.

This article and many others can be found here: https://mytrendingstories.com/profile/idelis-llenas/

Also, I would like to thank anyone who takes the time to read any of my work or ramblings. I don’t have many followers but, ugh, it feels so amazing to know that I can touch anyone on any scale. Writing brings me a beautiful feeling, a sense of inner fulfillment. I am so glad I mustered the courage to put my inner thoughts out there. I have always lived and breathed writing. Words are truly a work of art.


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