Febuary 10, 2012 9:47pm

Inevitably, the blade slowly punctures her skin tearing open an entrance to her temple. What seemed to be a lifetime full of sorrows and confusions pour out of the sacred body that is hers.  Bitter tears flow down soft cheeks dissolving into a series of complex emotions. A damsel in distress. Secrets interwoven with bland colors of despair infect her mind as a glimmering pool of blood makes its way onto the smooth tiles. The sight fulfills her shameful desires. The physical pain becomes a getaway from the mental pain, a temporary relief but an escape nonetheless.

Memories of false hope and empty promises wrapped around her thoughts loosen their grip and her energy is focused solely on the only pain she can control. Drawn to the habitual addiction like a fiend drawn to his drugs, that girl is. Constant reminders lurk her thoughts by people that overemphasize her traits.Who are they to claim to know who she is when she does not know herself? Looks deceive and hers, apparently, could have fooled a blind man. Why do we have eyes when we cannot see the unseen? Why fabricate qualities that she could only wish she had possessed? Questions remain unanswered, wounds exposed, and a constant prying thought; fragile things can only break so often, until one day there is nothing left to break.


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