Concealed Woman

She was crazy that way,
spirited, enlightened, free
from the chains of regularity.
Spends her days away, away, away;
reminiscing of summer poppies
she has never seen.
Entangled beach strands;
in unison are the earth, the water,
finally, the wind.
Confined within her wonderland of a dream.
When, where, if, how;
Maybe tomorrow,
Maybe never,
Maybe now.
The only element lacking in equilibrium
flows through the electrical current
that travels the nerves, the mind,
oozes through the pores.
Finally reaches the heart
is the fire that has raged within every inch,
from the beginning. The very start.


2 thoughts on “Concealed Woman

  1. Love this so much because it reminds me of someone who has their guard up, I’ve read many pieces of writing in which that is evoked but this is profoundly beautiful as well. When you mention ” smelling the summer poppies” it shows me that the ones who are the most guarded always take finer appreciation for things ( not saying this applies to everyone.) I feel like people who are concealed are always presumed to be different and weird but this piece of writing shows how a guarded person is able to have a lot of emotions and intellectual vitality within them.

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