Writer’s Block/Withdrawals Piece

Still having writer’s block, unfortunately. I’m going to make it a priority to keep a daily journal so I can write every day or every other day if that becomes too impossible for me.  I did post an old piece on mytrendingstories again. I wrote it months ago, so here it is. Enjoy 🙂



3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block/Withdrawals Piece

    1. So for now there is no revenue but they have claimed that they’re working on it. As far as I know right now, they aren’t making money themselves (I could be wrong but I highly doubt it). The website itself is growing bit by bit. They have a Facebook page which I check from time to time that has been growing in numbers everyday. You don’t have to pay. They give you weekly updates. Right now, what they do actually do is give 50 dollar gift cards to contest winners. The only two contests they have done is whoever posts the most and whoever gets the most likes. One that they haven’t done in a few weeks is just best publishing in general. I’m f writing is a hobby for you then I think it’s safe for you to utilize. If you expect immediate payment for your work then I wouldn’t suggest it. That is, if you are a professional writer and expect to be paid. You can post on your own time whenever you like, like I said, they are new but so far I haven’t had issues and they have been nice and attempting to evolve.

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