My Sincerest Apologies; A Final Goodbye to my Confidant, my Lover, and my Friend

We were two bursting vessels from the very moment we laid eyes upon each other. The very gravitational pull of the earth could not keep us from the clouds. The moment we intimately touched, your skin from my skin was indistinguishable. Your olive brown complimented my pale brown and together we swirled in caramel bliss. But like a villain in a grotesque plot, there was a dreadful fire raging in each of us. The dying need to overpower impaired any potential for growth. We voluntarily sunk levels deep into our inevitable madness. It was an incandescent and agonizing fall yet we basked in it. A nightmare masquerading as a dream. We loved every minute of it. Our unhealthy fixation with our sins blinded us to the honest damage at our inner cores. Blinded us to the extent that we no longer saw ourselves when we stood in front of our mirrors of moral endurance. As a person who fears the unknown, I collided headfirst into the pavement. There is nothing more colossal than having my wrists bonded. Unable to free myself from the tribulations of what we were. Uncertainty, despair. We were prisoners within our sorrows. So I awoke from my fog encrusted inferno. Apologetically, I partitioned myself from you. I tore at the fragments that created us until I became whole again. In that process I found that I had become you. There is nothing more frightening than coming to the realization that you became a replica of someone else. That there was no other way to show you loved them unless you wholeheartedly became them. It was as if your very being took possession over every molecule and every space in between that makes me. I willingly and unwillingly became your carbon copy. Handed you the rights to my life without a second thought. This newly uncovered insight led me to one of many crossroads. Though you were ever so tempting, I chose to see the world in color once again.


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