Sometimes… I feel like the place I reside in is a ghost town. A mixture of grays and dull blues and empty streets. No one lurking or wondering about. No children emerging from hiding places, discovering worlds; old and new. Nothing  has changed, but I. My eyes perceive based on who I am. And I have chosen to absorb the world as I see it. As I feel it.

I am a chameleon. Constantly changing with no expression, accustomed to my many phases and accepting the normalcy of it all.
I am the evening sunset. Plastered in deep purples and bright reds. Exposing myself to those fortunate enough to see my true colors.
I am the autumn wind. Unseen and unheard but felt. The deepest components of myself working its way to parts you have never known.

But other times, this dull soundless place is bursting in vivid colors. And it is like no other landscape you have ever known.

Suddenly, I am an artist and no more. The grayness that once overtook me has diminished and these eyes are no longer dark tinted windows. Instead, they are a photographer’s camera lens. Structured to embody all things living and all things created. All things beautiful. In many different ways, I capture the moment but instead of taking a picture… I have painted one in words and scripture.


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