All my life I have been very private. Private with my love life, struggles, family life, etc. Initially, I put on a mask with everyone I come into contact with (even family members). So many may not know what I have endured from… well… ever since I could remember.  My life has been so intense that I have very vivid memories of traumatic experiences from as young as two years old. I do not want to offend anyone that has gone through much worse (as mentioned in my About link). My intentions are just to share and hopefully change some lives in the progress.

The meaning behind my name is very complex and at the same time very simple. I first thought of the name “A Winter May” well, in May LOL. But I guess that’s obvious, I don’t know. This year the weather was kind of odd in New York, especially May. It felt like it was still winter. One day, I was walking to the train station on my way to work when I suddenly realized how cloudy and gray everything looked. When one thinks of May, we assume we’ll see flowers in bloom, green leaves, and just bright colors in general. So, A Winter May just about formed itself into my head.

The complex reason behind my name has to do with the fact that May was such a difficult month for me. Especially in terms of finding myself as a person after feeling like I was being treated as a test subject by those around me. It felt like a very cold time for me, physically and emotionally. I will definitely go into that as I progress through the days and with this blog. I am fully aware that I’m starting to sound extremely pessimistic. Honestly though, My winter May was a real eye opener. It was a month that made me realize my true worth so I can go into June and into summer with a completely different, as well as,  a positive outlook on life.



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